My Farscape Land Big Bang is made up of the following:

2 x fics accompanied by 2 x picspams in theme - the first one is romantic and smutty (rated PG-15 - so be warned), the second is SAD so if you don't like sad, don't read! 

I would like to dedicate the first one to my fellow Module Keepers and the second to Nymeria_55 since I was inspired to write it after reading one of her prompts in one of the Starburst Challenges on Terra Firma dating to 2 and a half years ago!

5 wallpapers of John/Aeryn significant moments through Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and PK Wars - they are not all about making out by the way but they are the moments that in my opinion built up to one of the hottest ships ever created, and I mean EVER!  You are welcome to snurch away if you like any of them...

1.   Fic + picspam

This is set at the end of the Out of their Minds episode in Season 2 – no spoilers that I can see

The characters are not mine but belong to the Jim Henson Company.

Rated PG-15 for the botched up attempt at some sexy scenes, which I am not comfortable writing and I am sure you will not be comfortable reading! However I promised one of my fellow Module Keepers that I would attempt it, so here it is – my one and only foray into proper smut (with a romantic edge to it because I cannot help it!)

Thanks to mamageek and marieelise for reading this and squeeing at the parts that most embarrass me!

Word Count: 3667

Small Step (PG-15)

It had been one of those days…actually pretty normal by Moya’s standards but a hell of a ride for a human stranded on the far side of the galaxy. How could John have ever explained this day to his Dad, Livvy or DK…absolutely no frelling way he could have. He could hear himself:

“Hey, guys, so do you want to know what happened to me today? We were attacked by this alien ship commanded by two butt ugly giant bird like creatures, really pissed at Talyn and bent on taking revenge on Moya. Our patched up and crappy defence screen malfunctioned when hit by their weapon and our minds jumped from our own body into another crew member’s body….TWICE!”

A straight jacket for you, Johnnie boy, thank you very much!

And yet that is exactly what had happened to them. He knew that as things went it could have been worse, they could have been tortured or killed….in the immortal words of Monty Python always look on the bright side of life, right?

Was he moaning again? Hell, yes he was.. if he really wanted to be honest though the day had also been kinda cool. Well maybe not the part about being in Rygel’s body…honestly the powers of the universe must have been on LSD when they created Hynerians! Short stubby arms and legs, three rumbling stomachs and the most compellingly disgusting bodily urges that would be the envy of a whole house of drunk frat guys. While he was in there he had promised himself that if things ever went back to normal, he would cut Rygel some slack next time he exploded into one of his disgusting exhalations…well, at least he would try!

The interesting part of the whole messy day had been being in Aeryn’s body…man, was that interesting…seriously what guy would not like to try it at least once, especially in that body!

Did he feel guilty for taking advantage of the situation a little in the neural cluster? Well…no, actually he didn’t at all! In fairness, it wasn’t something he would have boasted about to his mum or grandma but, hey, he could have done a lot worse, so all considered he was pretty proud of himself! OK, he had been caught, which had put an end to it, but he really believed that he would have put a stop to it before pushing it too far anyway.

He liked these rare moments on Moya. After a frelled up day, which for a change ended up pretty well, he was sitting right outside command with Aeryn sitting right across from him. They had had a great laugh earlier and a fun tumble on the floor, relief about being back to normal coursing through their veins like a drug. God he liked this girl! When she smiled, his gut just twisted into knots and in the rare moments she let go of her guardedness and self -control, she made his knees go weak.

He had never felt so vulnerable, defenceless, frustrated, protective and crazy about a woman before, never, not even once. Of course he had felt all of those feelings at one time or another before for various girlfriends down through the years but never all of them together, at the same time, all jumbled up in the same mind blowing bundle as they were now for this spectacularly maddening woman.

He kept saying to himself that the extraordinary circumstances of his being here on Moya and the frelled up life he was leading conspired to make him want to feel a normality that did not exist, that had been wrenched from his existence, so his mind made him believe he was in love, because that was kind of expected for a guy his age, it was just his mind’s way to tell him that he was sane and normal, right? Wrong! He just knew that what he felt was not a fabrication of his psyche, he KNEW it! He had fallen in love with this woman and, God help him, he suspected it was going to be the roller coaster ride of his life.

He was looking at her right there and then hoping that maybe, just maybe, he might have a chance one day to win her over but of course he was choosing to forget all the times that he had tossed and turned in his bed feeling dejected and rejected after a particularly snotty remark or dismissal from her, despairing that she would ever feel even close to the way he did.

He heard Chiana’s and D’Argo’s voices getting closer. They had been sitting on Command earlier going through the events of the day. The body swapping experience had left them all quite upside down and inside out as it were. As they passed by Aeryn and him in the corridor, he heard D’Argo say:

“I-I really like your body.”

and Chiana provocatively reply : “You like my body?

Well it sounded to him like D’Argo might get lucky tonight. He may be big and strong but John had the feeling Chiana was going to make mincemeat of him before the night was out!

Aeryn watched them pass heading towards the sleeping tier, then looked at John and said:

“Well. They certainly seem to be readjusting well.”

He kept noncommittal and said “Uh-huh. Well, they say you have to walk a mile in someone's shoes to understand them.”

“I certainly know what you were doing when you were in my shoes Crichton.” Aeryn teased him.

All he could say to this was “Give me a break!”

Aeryn smiled “It's okay. It's okay, you know? You were in my shoes, I was in your pants...” and then she got up and started walking away from him.

That was a remark so unlike her that all John could say was "’Scuse me?” He was almost choking at this point and then she stopped and looked back at him over her shoulder and gave him a really meaningful smile!

Any other woman had given him THAT smile, John knew he would have been in there, no doubt, score! But Aeryn? Was he imagining this? Hell no, she really was looking back at him and that expression on her face was definitely an open invitation to follow her.

” Thank you Halosians,”he thought, “you may be ugly and nasty but if this is the result, I’ll be forever in your debt!”

You tell her, John


A silly chocked up noise escaped his throat as he got up to follow her, however she saw him make the move and sprinted forward and away, a now loud throaty laugh coming from her mouth. They were halfway back to the sleeping tier before John actually caught up to her. He managed to grab her by the elbow and pull her around, both their forward momentums meaning that she literally crashed against his chest and he in turn got pushed onto the bulkhead, Aeryn clutched in his arms. She again smiled at him and he felt lost, lost in those flinty grey eyes, lost in that blinding smile, lost like he had never felt lost before.

He bent his head and his lips brushed against hers, at first tentatively and then a little more forcefully. Her lips were soft and moist and he couldn’t help but bring up his hands to frame her face – because he wanted to feel her skin under his touch and because he didn’t want her to move away. He thought: ”Please, please don’t move away!”

He closed his eyes and tried to make her feel just how much he wanted her, how much he wanted her to want this…him. After a small hesitation, Aeryn gave in and parted her lips letting him in. Their tongues intertwined and all John wished was for that moment to go on forever. He was sure she could feel his need and desire pressed hard against her lower belly but she was still not moving away, on the contrary if possible she pressed herself a little closer, a mewing sound escaping her throat. Blood was pounding through his body and he let a strangled groan out, a sound which he would have normally been embarrassed about but which at that moment barely registered with him.

When they both finally came up for air, Aeryn took him by the hand and pulled him towards her quarters. His were further down the tier and felt like they might as well be a million metras away so her quarters were the obvious choice.

John had wanted this for the longest time, almost since the very first time he met her, beating up and rib kicking notwithstanding!

Of course he was not forgetting what happened on the Ancients Earth , but somehow as good as that was, it had felt surreal, almost like a dream and the need for each other at that point in time had mainly stemmed by the fact that they both thought they had reached the end of the road - Aeryn had been adamant she would not let herself be recaptured and all his dreams of a happy return home had been shattered, so they had comforted each other in pretty much the only way they knew how and of course the next morning in spite of his hesitant attempts, Aeryn had shut him down again and the subject had not really been broached since.

This was different, they were relatively safe, well as safe as they could hope to be, given that they were fugitives and their lives were as frelled as frelled could be. But at THAT moment, they were safe and here she was pulling him into her quarters.

Distracted for a microt by these reflections, he lagged behind a little. Aeryn pulled on his hand and turned around, she was now almost all the way across the archway and obviously getting pretty impatient. With a hot smile she said:

“Come on, John, what are you waiting for? I need recreation and I need it now!”

That should have been all the invitation he needed, but somehow the way she phrased it hit a discordant note with him and of course his big mouth as usual ran away before he could really stop himself:

“Aeryn, wait!” he pulled her back a little and again he took her face in his hands and tried to kiss her to slow them down a little, to make it more meaningful , because, hell, it did mean a lot to him.

“John, what’s wrong with you? Let’s go inside..or do you want to frell out here in the corridor?” She tried to push him away, starting to get annoyed at his hesitation.

John lifted his hand to stroke her cheek, he just wanted her to see, to understand that this was more to him than just cold, impersonal Peacekeeper recreation and that it could be something more for her too if she only gave them a chance.

“Aeryn, baby, of course I want to come inside with you, I want nothing more believe me, but do you think we can maybe slow it down a little, y’know, take our time…”

He could see it in her eyes, she thought he was being weird – human weird – again and maybe she was right. Aeryn got a wary look on her face and John started to regret saying anything at all, but anything that ever happened between them seemed to be always on her terms and this was too important for him to just give in for the sake of a night of great sex, which was pretty much a given, but what about tomorrow? Was she going to push him away again? Because he was not sure he wanted to play that game if that was the way it was going to unfold.

“What is it you want, John?” she frowned and he believed she was really trying to understand but this was a language she hadn’t really spoken before, a language translator microbes were useless with, a language that took time to learn and she was only at the beginning of the learning curve or so he desperately hoped. “I really don’t understand you, I thought you would be happy…keen to do this, you have made that abundantly clear to me before!” she said.

“I am Aeryn, I want this, I want it more than you can ever know!”

She pointedly looked down at his leather trousers which were shamelessly bulging and then up again, her nostrils flaring a little in amusement, and with a raised eyebrow said: “Well, I can SEE that, John!” Again she pressed herself against him knowing full well that he was a dench away from losing his will power, giving in and doing as she wanted without any further talk or delay.

She lifted both her arms until they were around his neck, her fingers playing with the back of his head, running through his short hair and sending shivers down the length of his body to the tip of his toes. Her mouth suddenly covered his and she forcefully pressed his head forward towards her, her tongue literally massaging his, her nose pressed against the side of his, she kissed him in a way he had never experienced before, a truly Aeryn kiss - exacting but needy, forceful but somehow also tentative, rough but sweet – yes, there was no other way to describe it other than an Aeryn kiss.

John brought his hands to the back of her leather vest and slipped them underneath against the bare skin of her back, then made a last ditch effort to pull his head back a fraction but she captured his lower lip with her teeth and bit him slightly. He opened his eyes, which he had not realised he had closed in savouring the kiss, and met her eyes looking at him just a few inches away, her pupils a little more dilated than the light should warrant and what he read in them was, yes, desire, yes, a little impatience but also an ever so slight sign of uncertainty and vulnerability. That was what pushed him over, that touch of vulnerability. It was that little something that told him that this was a little more than primal instinctive craving to release tension and bodily fluids, this meant something to Aeryn too.

So, he picked her up, which must have surprised her because she let a little squeal out before hanging really tight to his neck, and carried her straight to the bed, pressing the door command and pulling the privacy curtain down behind him with one hand in passing, all the while kissing her lips, her jaw and her neck, which she exposed to him by tilting her head back in encouragement.

He laid her down on the bed, her arms still around his neck, and bending down over her, he spread light feather- like kisses all over her cheeks, lips and forehead at the same time bracing himself with one arm on the bed and trying with the other to pull his T-shirt out of his leather pants and over his head. She realised what he was trying to do, she sat up a little under him and with both hands took the sides of his top and pulled it up. John lifted his arms to help her and the tight neck of the t-shirt got snagged hard on his nose, which hurt a little and made him yelp girlishly. The stubborn piece of clothing finally popped over his head and Aeryn threw it sideways as far away from them as possible somewhere on the floor. He rubbed his nose where it hurt and she couldn’t help but giggle at his expression and previous yelp, which in turn made him giggle along.

They were looking at each other and laughing and then all of a sudden it was not so funny anymore.

He slowly unzipped her leather vest while she arched her back making his job of slipping it off of her easier. He knew from earlier today that she was not wearing anything under it, his breath shortened and after giving himself a microt to just enjoy the view of her body, he lowered his head to brush one of her nipples with his lips. She noisily gasped and held his head closer encouraging more of his exploring, an invitation that he was more than happy to take. From there getting completely out of their clothes became a matter of urgency.

“Leather may be comfortable and, hell, it is definitely sexy on Aeryn” John thought frantically “but taking leather trousers off is a bitch of a battle!” A battle, which with impatient fingers on each others buttons and zippers, they finally won.

John lowered himself down over her, yearning to feel all of her naked body against his, their kissing becoming frantic, hands feeling and stroking every inch of each other’s skin, mouths tasting, licking, searching and pleasuring. She tasted heady and sweet. He didn’t know how long this mutual exploration continued for but he knew that he needed to be inside her soon or he would literally explode. Thankfully she seemed to feel the same because she parted her long legs and wrapped them around his waist at the same time thrusting upwards and whispering “Please, John..” She didn’t need to ask twice. He ground down with his hips and all of a sudden they were finally locked together, her finger nails digging into his back while, with elbows positioned at the side of her head to take some of his weight off of her, he kissed her neck and the sweet curve of her shoulder, then whispered endearments in her ear, their hip movements getting faster and harder, falling into a blissful rhythm which was getting them closer and closer to release.

Finally when John thought he couldn’t hold off any longer and that he might be soon letting her and himself down, he felt all of her body tense and then shudder, her head and back arched off the bed, her thighs tightened their grip even more around his middle and he heard her call out his name over and over between ragged breaths. That was all he needed, he finally let himself go too with a couple of final hard thrusts, all the while groaning her name and telling her how good that felt.

When it was over and both of them were panting and trying to catch their breath, he gently leaned his forehead against hers and plunged his hands in the thick black hair at the side of her head.

He wanted to tell her he loved her but something stopped him, he somehow just knew it was too soon for her and that her reaction would probably be to push him away and retreat into herself. So he said nothing.

She was looking at him, a satisfied smile playing on her lips and a sweet look in her eyes.

After a short pause he couldn’t help asking: “Happy?”

Her smile widened and she joked: “Reasonably!”

He laughed out loud and kissed her again first softly and then more deeply.

The immediate urgency gone, they now took their time and really savoured every nuance of their touching and enjoyed teasingly playing with each other.

After a few hundred microts, they were getting worked up again.

Aeryn breathlessly asked “Ready to go again?”

He laughed against her lips, breath mingling with hers “Almost…and you?”

She just nodded and then a glint of mischief appeared in her eyes. She was lithe but supple and strong and she literally took him by surprise and with a fluid movement toppled him over on to his back. She was now straddling him and with amusement in her voice she said

“Well, let me drive this time, after all I am the more skilled pilot!”

John reached up and held her waist with both of his hands, admiring her hair cascading around her shoulders and her eyes sparkling with anticipation. He thought “I am the luckiest guy in the galaxy and she is the most beautiful woman in the universe.”

After a moment he joked “Baby, I have the feeling that after your driving I may not be able stand, let alone walk back to my quarters!”

She joked back: “You’d better believe it, John!” Then she fell silent and stopped staring directly at him, her eyes dropping away down to his chest and with a tinge of uncertainty she said: “I guess you could stay the night, I mean if you wanted to..”

His heart skipped a beat: “I guess I could…actually I would like that a lot..”

Her eyes moved back to meet his and she gave him a look, which he was pretty sure among other things showed a touch of relief. Then she naughtily said: “Well now that that’s settled, we can even think about a third time!” She bent down and purposefully kissed him.

Aeryn wanted him to stay for the night.

Just before John lost himself to round two, the words of one of his childhood heroes flashed through his mind “a small step for man….”.

The end.

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2. Fic + picspam

No spoilers unless you have not watched PK Wars yet. Set during PK Wars.

The characters as we all know are not mine and in this case and only in this case I am glad of it!

Word count: 1874

Reverie (PG13, for sadness)

Sunshine cascading through an open window caresses his face while soft silken hair tickles his chin.

His eyes open and after a brief moment of disorientation, D’Argo sighs, contentedly taking in the beautiful early morning blue skies, the melodious dawn chorus of the local birds…the warmth of the pale, beautiful body snuggled against his own under the cool linen sheets.

This planet had been the right choice – perfectly balmy temperatures to suit his Luxan origins, wide open spaces and fertile land to till and farm, rich soil yielding every year plentiful crops.

After 8 cycles of captivity in a Peacekeeper cell in the sole company of despair and excruciating longing for his dead wife and lost child followed by four more cycles of frantic escape first from Crais and then from Scorpius and the Scarrans, his luck had changed.

Those last frantic four cycles had brought him here, today, to this moment with Chiana in his arms, a longed for settled life in a peaceful farming community - four cycles of adventures, some exhilarating, some enlightening, some downright horrifying – four cycles he would never want to erase from his life in spite of the lows and the sorrows and the losses of dear friends.

His eyes are strangely watery and sore maybe from the sun rays getting stronger as the early day blooms into its full glory, maybe because of something else.. he doesn’t know and he does not want to linger on it, so he just closes them and smiles to himself thinking back to the day his captive life ended and his present one began.

He would never forget that day - the day he had met the people who would become so important to him, who would play a pivotal role in his becoming who he is today – John, Aeryn, Chiana, even obnoxious Rygel and of course Zhaan – how he misses Zhaan - he often thinks of her – her clear blue eyes, her soft and gently teasing smile, her inner strength and, when needed, steely single mindedness. Today, now, more than ever Zhaan is on his mind.

His first cycle on the run had not been easy, his strange fellow fugitives and their ways were alien to him. With time however he had learnt how to accept their quirks and differences… after all, like him, they all had been going through a process of adjustment, of coping with loss and fear and in the end this was what had brought them to share at first a tenuous and then a more pronounced camaraderie.

The human’s openness and naiveté had been irritating, even infuriating, but ultimately irresistible – John had become his best friend and the brother he had never had. D’Argo chuckles to himself thinking of all the times John surprised him in those early days with his willingness to talk rather than fight, to connect rather than reject – a trained warrior he was not, but his ways more often than not got them out of perilous situations and D’Argo would always give respect where respect was due. If nothing else you had to admire the human’s stubbornness, his will to persevere, his unwavering hope. As Scorpius could attest the worst torture could not tame John’s resilience, his belief in a better future or his hope to one day lead a life free of the horrors thrust upon him by fate and bad luck. Aeryn’s capitulation to his love, a monumental testament to his single mindedness and perseverance.

A sudden sharp pain in his stomach jolts him for a moment away from his thoughts, Chiana must have been lying across his chest and abdomen for a lot longer than he thought…he can hardly feel his legs anymore. He wants to stretch but he does not want to wake her…surely, for her sake, he can put up just a little longer with this small discomfort!

What had he been thinking about a microt ago..ah…yes, Aeryn.

Aeryn…his respect for her is boundless – little did he know that one day he would think so fondly of an ex-Peacekeeper. She is a fellow warrior, a loyal friend, somebody you can rely on no matter what. Unlike Crichton she does not talk much but one look, one raised eyebrow is all you need from her – it’s enough to let you know how she feels…. and the rare times she smiles – those smiles stay with you and make you hunger for more. Out of them all, she has gone through maybe the worst times in the last few cycles and yet she is unbeaten, stronger now for it. She deserves to have better days ahead…maybe those days will be here soon, maybe Aeryn and Crichton will finally find a place where without fear they can bicker often and often passionately make up, a place where they can raise their new born son in peace. Yes, he really wishes that for them, they have earned it.

True friends are hard to come by so he considers himself a lucky man, how could he not? He takes a long breath inhaling the scent of the beautiful woman lying in his arms…the Nebari waif who stole his heart, broke it and stole it back again. He truly did not think that she would take so well to settling down here with him in this peaceful, quite hamlet - not her, not the rebellious wild child whose main aim in life had been to be free, untamed and unhindered by conventional bonds and mores. And yet here she is soft and warm in his arms, her harrowing betrayal well behind them – he has finally understood and accepted that she was scared and like a trapped animal she struck out - his heart her target, her means his son….that was a long time ago, what matters now is that she is here with him, a choice made in the wake of experiences that have seen them both grow and appreciate each other’s gifts. Indeed he is a lucky man.

The pain in his stomach increases – don’t think about it, will it away – think of something else, something good. He clutches Chiana tighter, his hand on her back sleek with moisture…she must be sweating in her sleep under the increasing heat of the day….another few microts and he will wake her, they will then shower together, share a meal and enjoy the day, yes, that is what they will do…just a few more moments.

He remembers one time not too long ago, on Moya, walking on to Command at a time when most of the others were asleep and finding Sikozu standing there, an arch look on her averted face – she had barely acknowledged him at first, quite normal for this strange, proud, fiercely intelligent creature who, he was sure, thought him barely evolved enough to even address… and then she had surprised him. She had turned her head and after staring at him for a microt, clearly in two minds whether to show an interest or curiosity that could be mistaken for weakness, she had asked him abruptly “Succintly, Luxan, what have been the highlights of your life aboard this Leviathan?” A strange and unexpected request that had left him dumb for quite a long time…how could he possibly answer her, succinctly at that, in a way that could adequately explain the last four cycles.

How to portray to her the feeling of exhilaration he had felt when floating in space with John above Scorpius’s Gammak Base moon destroyed and aflame- he had almost died that time but even as he was drifting off into unconsciousness, in those last few microts of awareness he had been almost sure that both John and Aeryn would come through for him as in the end they had.

How to describe to Sikozu the amazing experience with Nilaam , the joy and pride he had felt at being asked to help an Orican in the Ritual of Passing… not to mention the amazing sex which had preceded it! A smile at the memory creases his lips.. a smile which only dissolves into another grimace of pain.

Jothee – could the Kalish ever understand his relief at the news brought by Stark to Moya that his long lost son was alive, his dismay at learning he had been living as a slave for the last number of cycles, his determination at doing anything in his power to free him even to the detriment of his best friend’s freedom, maybe life. The joy of seeing Jothee emerge from the pod, short lived when realisation came that John may be lost to them forever… and guilt prevailed.

Could she possibly understand the horror and anguish of powerlessly listening to a crazed John causing the death of the love of his life, the desolation at Aeryn’s burial and the immense relief at the amazing turn of events that reunited a re-born to sanity Crichton and a revived Aeryn shortly followed again by the deepest of sorrows at the loss of the self-sacrificing Zhaan.

His love for Chiana..had Sikozu ever been in love? Could her sinister, unfathomable bond to Scorpius be called that? Maybe it could but it certainly seemed impossible to compare it to his feelings for the beautiful woman in his arms..feelings he thought he would never have again for anybody else after Lola’an’s death.

Could he even attempt an explanation as to how, after his long, harsh exile and his unbearable desire to return to his home world, things had gradually changed, the desire had cooled.. how he had found a new home on Moya and a new family in his crew mates – how he had felt that it was his duty now to keep them together and as safe as possible through the horrors of the brewing war between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans…

….so he hadn’t explained it. He had just looked at the Kalish and hesitantly had said “I can’t really answer that, I don’t know how to answer that” lowering, if possible, her already low opinion of his mental faculties!

The pain is increasing and it can no longer be ignored…the thudding of heavy boots pounding the ground and the harsh calls in the Scarran idiom finally wrench him back from his semi- conscious reverie.

His eyes teary and sore not from the life giving sunshine but from the dust and grit of the Eidelons’ semi destroyed city, the sharp pain in his abdomen and numb legs not the result of Chiana’s sleeping body across his own but of a gaping ugly wound, the moisture on his hand not the sweat on his woman’s back but black as tar blood he has been trying to stem.

He pulls himself up as much as his body will allow it and readies himself for a last stand…he can buy the others a few precious microts, a chance to get away, to realise their dreams…he can at least try to give them that


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3. 5 x WALLPAPERS - John/Aeryn Moments from each Season plus PKWars






From: [identity profile]

Lovely fics, vinegardog. I really love the first one, and it's great to see D'Argo getting a fic to himself - they're so rare.

Fabulous graphics too.

My entry is miserably far from being posted so far... If I was to post it now it would be worth only about 20 points, but I feel I've sunk so much time in it so far, I've got to keep going

From: [identity profile]

Thanks Richard for embarking on the mammoth task of reading this! Glad you enjoyed the first one, even though I must admit as they say here "I was scarlet" writing it! LOL

The graphics were actually fun to make.

You have lots of time to finish yours and a fifth of it is not bad going, I know some people have not even started theirs yet...I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

This challenge was A LOT OF WORK, especially for technically challenged people like me who cannot do videos or gifs...I am too old to start learning though or maybe just too lazy :P

From: [identity profile]

Wonderful and such great fics! And pics....gawd, guess I should get back to writing since I can't do any of the other stuff!

From: [identity profile]

AAWWW thanks Gin for taking the time to read all my dren! Help yourself to the wallpapers, I know you were waiting for them! ;D

Last time we talked about it you already had 3000 words done, only 7000 to go...a piece of cake, I tell you!

From: [identity profile]

Thanks! I know it seems small but I have been watching Torchwood now and my Farscape muse has gone off to sulk in the corner.

From: [identity profile]

Grab that muse back and stop cheating on FS with...tsk tsk...Torchwood! ;D

From: [identity profile]

Okay...that made me laugh and now I have AMP all over my table!

Torchwood is not too bad and they hardly ever come away wihtout someone getting dead.

From: [identity profile]

Any other woman had given him THAT smile, John knew he would have been in there, no doubt, score!

That is so JOHN! I love it! That's perfect character voice for him.

She again smiled at him and he felt lost, lost in those flinty grey eyes, lost in that blinding smile, lost like he had never felt lost before.

That made me wibble. I don't blame him at all. I'd feel lost staring at her like that. John really doesn't stand a chance….

“Come on, John, what are you waiting for? I need recreation and I need it now!”“Aeryn, baby, of course I want to come inside with you, I want nothing more believe me, but do you think we can maybe slow it down a little, y’know, take our time…”

I totally misread that first line the first time - I didn't see the word "with" - I have to admit, I was impressed at how you just plunged into the smuttiness, LOL!! But it makes much more sense the way it's supposed to be.

a truly Aeryn kiss - exacting but needy, forceful but somehow also tentative, rough but sweet – yes, there was no other way to describe it other than an Aeryn kiss.

I absolutely love how you've described that.

Okay - the smut was great! Sweet, not explicit but sometimes that's all the tone calls for, when its more about feelings than just plain sex. I think it worked perfectly.

And if you wanted critique - honestly the only thing that stood out to me is that I don't think John would call/refer to his mom as "mum." I think you nailed how John and Aeryn would talk, and John's mental process - which isn't exactly easy. I angst over it every time I write! I really loved this and I will totally be annoying you to do more smutty stuff, because I loved it. :D

From: [identity profile]

Thank you Dizzy, coming from you this means LOTS, you are soooo good at the romantic stuff - thank you for reading it and for all the comments...LOL about mum, that's really UK English, isn't it - I didn't even notice it!

I really think this will be my one and only attempt at smutty, I actually agonised over the "bedroom" part, I am just not comfortable with putting it on paper (oh I can visualised it no problem LOL) so if it reads well I am really delighted because I think I actually had my eyes closed when writing it! :DDDDD

That icon of yours...makes me have bad thoughts...which I will not have...I will fight them...I will fight them hard! ;)

Thanks again for the feedback!

Edited Date: 2011-12-06 08:03 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]

First things first.... how did I miss this????? Thankfully you mentioned being free of this task in one of yesterday's messages, so I went hunting with the help of 4 Vorcarian trackers and one Colarta... and I found it! Hell, yeah!! :-)

Thank you so much for dedicating the second fic to me, it was such a wonderful surprise!
But let's proceed with order...

I *love* the way you've turned both stories into a multi-media experience: the combination of fic and images (even animated gifs! WOW) adds layers to the experience.

"Small Step" is a delightful tale (delightfully hot, too!!), and something I enjoyed very much, because I always thought that the last seconds in which we saw John and Aeryn in that episode, and the glances they exchanged, had to lead to something they both wanted! You p.o.v. on that was perfectly balanced between "hotness" and humor, and also between the different views on... recreation for Humans and Peacekeepers.
Well done!

"Reverie" was of course a very different story, very poignant and sadly sweet, and I loved it because of the sadness, not in spite of it. I began to suspect - a bit before you started mentioning the chest pain - that it might be only a reverie, but this knowledge only increased the poignancy of the tale. It was a goodbye quite worthy of our beloved Luxan.

Your idea for the wallpapers is nothing short of brilliant: the best from the 4 seasons and PKW in a... handy medium :-) that allows you to watch and enjoy each time you fire up your computer - because those wallpapers have "snurch me!" printed across them! LOL

Congratulations on a GREAT big bang!! *wild cheering*

From: [identity profile]

Ooooohhh thank you Nym, I am flattered that you read through all my never ending dren and I swear I did not mention the Big Bang yesterday to solicit I blushing at the thought!!!

You are so kind...I am glad you enjoyed both fics, I just had to write the one about D'Argo when I read your SC on TF - it just came to me and had to be written if nothing else to honour this great character in whatever limited manner I could!

The first one was so HARD to write, you have no idea, I am totally incapable of using any sexual explicit language and it nearly killed me! LOL :DDDD

I am glad you like the wallpapers, it was actually fun doing them...I mean just think what a chore it was to trawl through all the hot pics of J and A..I mean total torture! ;)

Again thanks for wasting precious time in going through my Big Bang, I really appreciate the comments and as always I get lots of GOOD VIBES from you and it makes me happy! GOOD VIBES BACK!

From: [identity profile]

I *know* you were not soliciting comments, so stop blushing... NOW!!!
(did that come across in an Aeryn Sun tone? LOL)

You did more than ok with the "hot" segments - it's something I never managed, no matter how I tried. It always sounded silly or stereotyped to my ears, so I gave up long ago *sigh*

No "precious time" was wasted: I enjoyed myself a great deal!
Now, enough of this dren, soldier! Rank and regiment!! :-D :-D

From: [identity profile]

Now that I am done with mine. LOL

The graphics are really great. Loved the Dargo ones.. :)

And nice animated gifs. :)

From: [identity profile]

Thank you for dropping in although I really feel that my graphics are pathetic especially compared to yours...not that my fic writing in general is much better mind you! LOL! But as they say here, God loves a trier! :D

By the way the gifs were snurched because I don't know how to make them! :(

DISCLAIMER: gifs points were not claimed on this Big Bang due to the snurching ;)

From: [identity profile]

Everyone has their own level of talent and as you learn things you're level will climb. I have learned so much in landcomms that has added to my knowledge and made my stuff even better. So, don't knock your talent, you have the seed that can grow! :)

From: [identity profile]

I didn't realize that I hadn't read your Reverie fic until you mentioned yesterday something about writing about D'Argo's death.. That was so beautiful, Laura! I mean truly, D'Argo's reflections upon his life at the moment of his death, swathed in a beautiful dream. Really lovely.

From: [identity profile]

Thank you Marie, I am glad you enjoyed it! I always felt D'Argo was neglected in fics and when I saw Nym's prompt I just had to write something in his honour! :)

From: [identity profile]

Awesome Big Bang!!

The graphics: I really love the last three wallpapers, and it's so lovely to see all these moments displayed together like this. Those must have taken a lot of work.
The picspams are great too, love the colors, very saturated, just to my taste ^^ Even though the gifs werent made by you, they were a nice add, lovely way of reminding us of those lovely flirty looks :D

BUT THE FICS WERE THE BEST. I haven't read ANY fics in ages so it was wonderful to read some finally. I enjoyed them both - my appreciation for J/A has grown lately and that first fic was really cute - LOOOOVED 'Aeryn kiss' - but the second one was just brilliant and heartbreaking. Really, really emotional. The cruel contrast of his sweet musings and memories with the horrors of reality really worked. So sad D: You're really good at making the character sound like themselves.

From: [identity profile]

AW JS, I am so glad mine were the first fics you read in ages..I hope they didn't put you off reading more! :DD

..and you gave me the greatest compliment that can be bestowed when you said I made the characters sound like themselves...that is all I really wanted to achieve so you made my day and you deserve a big hug! (BIG HUG BEING GIVEN!)

Thanks for stopping by and going through all of my Big Bang!

From: [identity profile]

I finally have some quiet time to read some of the Big Bang stuff in-between icon making :D

Fic #1... LOVE IT! Very HOT! ...and the kind of smut!fic I like, not too much, not too little *grin*

Fic #2... I couldn't bring myself to read a sad!fic after the 1st one, sorry :(

I love the picspams and the wallpapers are beautiful! I love the moments you chose for them :)

From: [identity profile]

Thank you Jenn! I am glad you liked the "hot" was hard to write it but people seem to like it! :D

AW the second one is really sad so I am glad you didn't read it if sad is not for be honest I don't like sad much either in fics...but this one just had to be written! ;)

The compliment on the graphics means a lot coming from you! BLUSH! Thank you!

From: [identity profile]

I know how hard it is to write - and post! - smutty fics, and I thought you did a very, very good job for your first one! It was blushy in all the right ways and lovey without being saccharine or overblown (a big plus in my book lol). I LOVE Aeryn being "reasonably" happy ;) And that John's the romantic...very hot, too.

The second story made me all teary...beautifully written with so many, many layers of pain. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Such pretty graphics, too!

From: [identity profile]

Hi!!!! Are you coming back to us???? We are still having a lot of fun, I must say FS Land is a blast and I have met so many nice people through it (including you of course) so I will always be grateful to it for it :)

Many thanks for stopping and reading - I am glad you enjoyed the fics. The first one came out kind of funny in parts but I think that is just a reflection of the embarrassment I was feeling while writing it - I tend to use humour to get rid of nerves :DDDD I am glad though that you enjoyed the tone of it.

The D'Argo one was truly a labour of love because I am not really into writing sad fic (even though I love reading it) - I loved Nym's prompt and I had to do it and D'Argo honour.

Thank you again for your lovely comments - any way to entice you back? ;)